Experience a new
world of flavours

Van Houten  5 colours of chocolate drinks

Experience a new
world of flavours

Van Houten is proud to present
the 5 colours of ground chocolate for drinks
A revolution for baristas and chefs. Made for hot and cold applications, these ground chocolate drinks offer a sustainable and delicious solution for all your customers. Watch the inspiring video with our barista ambassadors Nir Chouchana, Dhan Tamang & Nicole Battefeld.

Real chocolate in 5 different colours

  • Excellent solubility
  • Made from sustainably sourced cacao
  • For hot and cold drinks, dairy and plant-based milks
  • Endorsed by top chefs and baristas
Van Houten Dark Ground chocolate drink


Intensely dark and bitter with roasted notes

Van Houten Ground Milk chocolate drink


Smooth and balanced with notes of vanilla

Van Houten Ground White chocolate drinks


Rich and sweet with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Van Houten ruby


Intense fruitiness with fresh sour notes.

Van Houten Ground Gold chocolate drink powder


Caramel chocolate with notes of toffee, butter and cream


Become a gamechanger

Download the free brochure and learn how chocolate and coffee can complement each other in 20 excellent hot and cold drinks


Cold drinks are hot

Did you know that consumption of iced and frozen coffee has increased with by 40% these last 5 years? Millennials are looking to treat themselves to a frozen, or ice-cold chocolate and coffee drink.

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