Fig & Port Pralines

Fig jelly

材料 Preparation
  • 40グラム
    port wine
  • 300グラム
    fig pulp
  • 35グラム
  • 300グラム
    caster sugar
  • 14グラム
  • 2グラム
    Citric acid

Recipe for approximately 175 pralines.

Heat the port together with the fig pulp and glucose. Add the sugar and pectin, stir and reduce to a thick consistency.

Port truffle mixture

材料 Preparation
  • 70グラム
  • 50グラム
  • 110グラム
    port wine
  • 300グラム
  • 25グラム
  • 4グラム
    pure alcohol 96%

Gently heat the cream with the glucose syrup and port. Add the remaining ingredients and mix carefully.


Line an oval mould (33 × 24 cm) with CARMA® Gold Quintin couverture and fill with the two mixtures.

Fill the moulds one-third full with fig jelly and then to the rim with the port truffle mixture. Leave to stand overnight before covering with CARMA® Gold Quintin couverture and decorating with gold dust the following day.