Looking for quick yet delicious chocolate drink recipes? Then the Van Houten Spécial Bar is what you need. These beverages by our expert chefs are here to spoil your customers. Try them now..


Van Houten Spécial Bar is designed with you in mind. For those times when you don’t have the time, but still want to spoil your customers with chocolate indulgence. Just mix the bar with milk to get a velvety smooth and creamy chocolate drink.


van houten mochocino

Head of Chocolate Academy UK Julie Sharp is here to help you spoil your customers with a twist on the classic cappuccino. Chocolate and coffee, now that’s a match made in heaven.

25 g Van Houten Spécial Bar Mona Lisa Dark spring shavings CHD-SV-22206E0-08B
200 ml oat milk (milk of your choice)  
1 shot Espresso  

1. Add all ingredients into a blender for 20 seconds. 

2. Serve over ice.


The divine taste of hazelnut combined with the smoothness of Van Houten Spécial Bar, that’s the Hazelnut Dream by Head of Chocolate Academy UK Julie Sharp.

25 g Van Houten Spécial Bar Mona Lisa Dark Blossoms CHD-BS-19850E0
200 ml milk of your choice Mona Lisa Dark Pencil XL CHD-PC-19940E-999
15 g Hazelnut or syrup  

1. Steam the milk and Special Bar to 70°c.

2. Pour over the hazelnut praline or syrup and stir.


van houten spcial bar hazelnut dream


A delicious beverage and the epitome of plant-based. Filled with warm and comforting flavours, Nir Chouchana’s (Champion de France Barista Coffee & Good Spirits 2014) recipe is here to delight your customers.

50 g Van Houten Spécial Bar Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™ CHD-CC-CRISPE0-02B
200 ml hazelnut milk Crushed caramelised hazelnuts
½ l whole cream
8 cl roasted hazelnut syrup  

STEP 1 Mix and steam the hazelnut milk and the Van Houten Spécial Bar. Pour into a glass.
STEP 2 Mix the cream with the hazelnut syrup and pour into the cream whipper dispenser. Charge and dispense.
STEP 3 Sprinkle Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Crispearls™ and crushed caramelised hazelnuts on top.

van houten spécial bar


  • VH Gold chocolate drink powder

    Expertly crafted caramel chocolate drink powder. Experience the flavour and texture of luscious caramel inside a chocolate drink that quenches the thirst for nostalgia and childhood memories. Made with caramelised sugar and caramelised milk, it delivers indulgent notes of toffee, butter and cream. Fully sustainably sourced cocoa via Cocoa Horizons

    Van Houten
  • VH ruby chocolate drink powder

    Van Houten Ruby Chocolate Drink powder is the world’s first Ruby Chocolate Drink powder. Ruby is the 4th type of chocolate and an entirely unique taste experience that will stimulate your customers’ senses. Neither bitter, milky or sweet. Ruby provides a balance of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. Start creating wonderful moments with Ruby Chocolate drink powder today

    Van Houten
  • VH Special Bar

    Looking to delight with a taste of chocolate paradise? Then mix Van Houten's Special bar with liquid milk to achieve a complete sensorial chocolate drink experience. It’s easy, it’s timesaving, and it’s oh so tasty.

    Van Houten
  • VH Santo Domingo

    Tropical winds, high temperatures and ample humidity create a unique breeding ground for the Santo Domingo bean to thrive in. Experience a burst of intense cocoa, followed by pleasant bitterness and subtle hints of vanilla.

    Van Houten

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