Origin Cocoa powders with a unique and premium taste profile

As the Masters of Cacao we are proud to offer the broadest range of single origin cocoa powder range that allow you to bring a unique sensory experience to your cocoa and chocolate creations topped with an authentic storytelling.

Origin Cocoa Powders – a rare indulgence

Origin cocoa powders are made from cocoa beans grown in a single country, region or even plantation. Like wine, cocoa is a terroir product that gets its signature taste and quality down to the soil, climate, and care of the farmers.

Origin cocoa powders are rare!

Bensdorp Origin Cocoa Powders

Santo Domingo cocoa powders

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo yields only small cocoa harvests – 1.7% of the global cocoa crop - but of an outstanding quality. Dominicans are known for their expertise in post-harvest practices, enabling the production of Hispaniola beans. Cocoa is fermented in wooden boxes, usually for 5 to 8 days before being sun dried. Hispaniola cocoa beans have a spectacularly deep and sophisticated flavor: a smooth harmony of sweetness and cocoa with a touch of subtle vanilla notes.

Ghana Cocoa powders

Ghana is the world's second largest cocoa exporter representing 17% of the global cocoa crop. Because of its constant, exceptional quality and very stable yields, the cocoa that Ghana produces truly is the better of West-African cocoa. Our Ghana origin cocoa powder is made of Forastero beans. It delivers a complex flavor profile: pleasant chocolate bitterness, brown caramel with roasted notes.

Bensdorp Ghana Cocoa powders

Sao Tome Cocoa powders

Sao Tome Cocoa powders

Sao Tome, aka the ‘Chocolate Island’ was among the first African islands to import cocoa from Brazil. Today a few direct descendants of the original Forastero plants from South America can be still found on the island, yielding very high quality beans in a very small quantity, only 0.1% of the global cocoa crop. Unveiling intense cocoa aromas, our natural Sao Tome cocoa powder is balanced with a refreshing touch of acidity and delicate spicy notes, resulting in a long lasting, lingering chocolate experience.

Tanzania Cocoa powders

Overseen by the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro and surrounded by the aquatic beauty of the African Great Lakes, Tanzania’s tropical mix of high temperatures and rainy seasons hosts a small (0.1% of global cocoa harvest) but convincing cocoa production. Our Tanzania cocoa powder is made of the blend of Criollo and Trinitario beans delivering a distinctive color and flavor profile with complex top notes.

Bensdorp Tanzania Cocoa powders

Cameroon Cocoa powders

Bensdorp Cameroon Cocoa powders

Located on the west coast of Central Africa, Cameroon is the fifth largest cocoa producer in the world. Cocoa mainly produced in Central Southern Cameroon, which displays ideal growing conditions due to its hot, humid climate and well-developed infrastructure. Cameroonian cocoa is renowned for its characteristic red coloration. In taste, the cocoa has strong bitter and astringent properties, often with a delicate smoky flavor.

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Discover our Bensdorp Single Origin Cocoa Powders

  • 22/24 HD Tanzania

    Tanzania Origin high fat cocoa powder. This rich brown cocoa powder encompasses a perfect balance of red fruit and chocolate flavors revealing fine fruity aromas and a typical hint of vanilla as well.

  • 20/22 Highly Dutched Organic Cocoa Powder from Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo Organic Origin cocoa powder with an intense, roasted dark cacao flavor and a distinctive deep dark red color. Thanks to its characteristic powerful cacao flavor, it is particularly suited to bakery products and ice cream.

  • 10/12 NAT Sao Tome

    São Tome Origin low fat cocoa powder. This 100% natural cocoa powder has a natural light brown color with an intense brown caramel flavor.

  • 20/22 HD Cameroon

    Cameroon Origin medium fat cocoa powder with an intense, roasted dark cacao flavor and a distinctive deep dark red color. Thanks to its characteristic powerful cacao flavor, it is particularly suited to bakery products and ice cream.


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