Through the lens of Martin Diez
How to add an extraordinary twist to a white chocolate mousse dessert? Use Mona Lisa Rich Chocolate Shavings and Lattice Grids and watch this video!




  • White Power Flower™ 50g non Azo
    White non azo cocoa butter based Power Flowers™ colour your creations in a fast, consistent and creative way. With its powerful concentration (40% pigment) only a few Power Flower™ are necessary to colour 400 g of Chocolate. They are pre-tempered and ready to use - just combine with other Power Flowers™ for an unlimited colour palette.
  • Milk Chocolate Spring shavings
    Milk Chocolate Spring Shavings are finely rolled chocolate shavings with a crunchy texture and a irregular look. Use them as a topping to add chocolate indulgence and enhance the appeal of all your bakery, ice cream, dairy or confectionery creations.
  • Dark Chocolate Lattice
    The Dark Chocolate Lattice plate grid (L: 250, W: 360mm) gives you an endless amount of creative possibilities. The plate is pre-cut into large triangles, which can easily be adjusted in size to your preferences by cutting it using a hot knife. These decorations gives an elegant structure and refined decorative touch. For more ways to model your desserts, check out the 'Shape' range.

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