Lollipops by Martin Diez

How to create the perfectly extraordinary chocolate confectionary lollipops with Mona Lisa cups and truffle shells.

Lollipops by Martin Diez

Lollipops by Martin Diez


  • Pink X-Large Pencils

    Dress your creations in style. With our extra large pink and white marbled pencils (D: 7, L: 200mm) you can give them an artisanal and colourful feel.

  • Red Power Flower™ 500g non Azo

    Red non azo cocoa butter based Power Flowers™ colour your creations in a fast, consistent and creative way. With its powerful concentration (40% pigment) only a few Power Flower™ are necessary to colour 400 g of Chocolate. They are pre-tempered and ready to use - just combine with other Power Flowers™ for an unlimited colour palette.

  • Caramel Blossoms

    These small curled Caramel Blossoms will enrich your desserts with flavour and texture. Perfect to sprinkle on muffins, donuts, cupcakes or cream pies. Approximate size L: 9 +/- 1,5mm, W: 5+/-1mm.

  • Jura Giraffe Points
    Giraffe printed pointed Juras (L: 55, W: 35, H: 2mm) are ultra-thin and have a defined pointed shape. They add style and character to your creations. Break your Jura decorations the way you want to and place them on top of your confectionery, pastries, ice cream products, and desserts to give them a touch of elegance.
  • Almond and sugar crunch gold

    Mona Lisa's gold coloured almond and sugar crunch adds a luxurious appeal to your delicious creations. This sprinkle can be used for both festive and non-festive applications.

  • Creative Gold Metallic Powder

    Gold metallic powder instantly adds a glamorous shine to all your creations. Brush on confectionery, pastries and cakes.

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