About Massa Ticino Sugarpaste

Massa Ticino Sugarpaste invented by Carma is the original white decoration paste, world-famous among cake designers. It offers an unmatched quality for covering, colouring and flavouring special-occasion cakes as well as modelling decorations. Massa Ticino Sugarpaste offers nine exciting colours that allow you to create over 60 unique shades.

Great results and easy to work with

Carma has been making Massa Ticino Sugarpaste in Switzerland and selling it successfully on international markets since 1963. The original Massa Ticino Sugarpaste was offered in one colour - white. Among the baker and cake designer community it was perceived as the best sugarpaste and appraised globally. This is still the case today.

With the launch of our brand new coloured product range in 2014, new quality standards in the industry were set. Based on the Massa Ticino Tropic recipe, Carma developed a unique new line of products that is tailored to the needs and requirements of creative professional bakers and cake designers. The new line had its packaging redesigned and comes in new, practical sizes: 250g and 1kg packs that introduced Massa Ticino Sugarpaste to the world of home bakers.

Carma is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a line of sugarpastes in vibrant colours that are made with all-natural ingredients. But that is not all – the products are also suitable for vegans and are lactose-, cholesterol- and gluten-free. Of course, the sugarpaste is as easy to work with as ever and still offers great coverage. Massa Ticino Sugarpaste range is ideal for cake decorating, both covering cakes and sculpting, regardless of the temperature and humidity.

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