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Dairy Free Dark Chocolate
Dairy free dark chocolate with 55% cacao
Bel Noir 73% Dark Couverture

Dark chocolate made with premium ingredients and Belgian liquor.

Van Leer
  • Van Leer
  • Range
  • Fluidity
    Low fluidity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
Van Leer Dark Chocolate 60%
Dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage of 60%.
Van Leer
Van Leer White Chocolate Sweetened with Maple Sugar
White chocolate with maple sugar.
Van Leer
Dairy Free Chocolate 10,000
Dairy free 10,000 ct. dark chocolate chip perfect for baking and snacks.
Organic Milk Chocolate
Organic milk chocolate with 40% cacao.
Reduced Sugar Dark
Our classic Van Leer Tulsa with 25% less sugar and added fibers. Can be considered a high fiber coating.
Coco Niu, Milk Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Sugar
Milk chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.
Coco Niu- Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar 1000
Coconut sugar replaces standard sugar in this dark 1,000 ct. chocolate chip with a healthy halo.
Reduced Sugar Milk
Milk chocolate with 25% less sugar than it's standard recipe "Kenosha". With dietary fibers.
Coco Niu, Dark Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Sugar
Dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.
Van Leer Renny 3 Sugar Free Dark
Classic sugar free dark chocolate confectionery with a cocoa butter base. The sugars are replaced by maltitol to maintain a great taste while being sugar free.
Van Leer

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