Innovative Indulgence
at IBIE 2019

At IBIE 2019, Barry Callebaut BC Studio showcased premium indulgences and delicious new innovations that have the potential to elevate any bakery item to a superior chocolate experience.
Chefs Gabrielle and Martin prepare treats at the BC Studio booth kitchen
Chef Martin and Chef Gabrielle prepare Premiyum treats at the BC Studio

Premium & Premiyum

Have you heard of PremiYum? Trendwatchers agree that today’s consumers are looking for premiumization across product categories. 

Euromonitor defines Premiumization as “the ability to elevate consumer perception and command higher prices.” 

Consumers desire superior product experiences, and baked goods are no exception. Barry Callebaut has the tools and innovations to bring your products into a new dimension where taste and high quality meet to become PremiYum.

Natural Dark is Naturally Delightful

Barry Callebaut revealed the latest cocoa innovation at IBIE 2019. The new Bensdorp Natural Dark is a dark, flavorful, 100% natural cocoa powder with a superior taste experience. All of this has been obtained without being processed with alkali. 

Through years of development and continuous improvement, Natural Dark’s alkali-free process allows manufacturers to have a clean label while still maintaining the consumer-preferred dark color.

With Bensdorp Natural Dark, nothing, not even taste, is compromised. At IBIE, Natural Dark was available to try in delicious chef creations, including brownies and decorated chocolate cupcakes.

A Barry Callebaut chef placing a piece of candied orange peel on a chocolate cupcake made with Bensdorp Natural Dark cocoa powder.
A delectable chocolate cupcake made with new Bensdorp Natural Dark cocoa powder
A beautiful spherical creation made using ruby and Mona Lisa Couverture Decorations, garnished with fresh raspberry and Ruby Biscottino
A beautiful spherical creation made using ruby and Mona Lisa Couverture Decorations, garnished with fresh raspberry and Ruby Biscottino

Rare and Rubylicious

Ruby, launched by Barry Callebaut in North America this year, is the ultimate hedonistic indulgence for consumers, as its luscious smoothness and berry fruitiness offer a new, sensational tasting experience. 

The ruby flavor is unlocked through the combination of the ruby cocoa bean and our unique processing, which preserves its natural color and flavor. No colors or flavors are added to this striking innovation. 

Ruby was available to experience in a variety of ways, including new Mona Lisa Ruby Couverture Decorations, a ravishing ruby pastry, and a picturesque petit four.

Fun-Sized Shapes, Full-Sized Flavors

With Gertrude Hawk Ingredients, Barry Callebaut provides delightful inclusions that will elevate any application to a level of premium indulgence.

Texture and flavor can double with the addition of inclusions from Gertrude Hawk Ingredients, providing dual-flavor and dual-texture experiences for customers. 

Those in attendance at IBIE 2019 were able to taste the innovative inclusions—including mini peanut butter cups and milk caramel turtles—on their own and at work in delectable kitchen sink cookies and bonbon cups.

An Everything Cookie resting on a spoon at the BC Studio booth
An Everything Cookie made with a Gertrude Hawk peanut butter chip, a Gertrude Hawk peanut butter cup, caramel doré, and Cacao Berry Mexique

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