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To keep you connected and inspired, Barry Callebaut hosted three digital sessions from June 22-25, 2020, all focused on eating lifestyles.

Be inspired by trends in wellness & sustainability, solutions for vegan, keto and more, plus better-for-you treats created by our chefs before your eyes.

Watch all three on-demand for a deep dive, or choose the most relevant session for you and your business.

We are happy to help you keep up with the latest in the industry, and to give you the opportunity to learn from the Barry Callebaut chefs and team.


Centennial Chocolate Trends

Centennial Chocolate Trends

Aired on June 22, 2020

Meet the Gen Z & Millennial consumers that are shaping & accelerating Good For You and Good For The Planet trends, and how their choices are influencing innovation in confectionery, snack bars, cookies, ice cream, drinks, and more, in North America today. Watch the session now!

Centennial Chocolate Trends - Barry Callebaut

Chocolate Solutions for Eating Lifestyles

Chocolate Solutions for Eating Lifestyles

Aired on June 23, 2020

More consumers are exploring and adopting lifestyles like vegan and keto, and they want snacks and treats that fit with those choices. You will learn about chocolate, compound, cocoa, and nut solutions that help support different eating lifestyles, including two new innovative solutions. Watch the session now!

Chefs @ Work

New Chef Concepts LIVE

Aired on June 25, 2020

Join the Barry Callebaut chef team as they create in real-time! They will be making a selection of healthier treats and snacks that meet lifestyle eating choices. Learn more about chocolate and how it can play a role to meet these specific consumer need. Watch the session now!

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