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Bensdorp’s Distinctive Dusting Cocoa Powder

Bensdorp experts have crafted a unique cocoa powder that adds the final chocolaty layer of temptation to your desserts. It’s the velvety visual prelude that introduces the symphony of flavor to follow. And it is absolute perfection.

Discover Bensdorp Dusting Cocoa Powder

Bensdorp Dusting Cocoa Powder

The beauty's in the details

The simple phrase, ‘finish with a light dusting of cocoa powder,’ belies the amount of investment involved in this one detail.

As the final decorative element, it’s the first thing your consumers see. It must be immaculate, or the entire dessert is instantly less appetizing.

It has been a complex challenge to find the correct cocoa powder to finish a tiramisu. One that holds its color, texture and taste. An inferior, wet finish spoils the overall look. And instantly lowers the expectations and experience of the - now disappointed - consumer. 

Our cacao experts decided to focus their considerable skill and innovative thinking on solving this particular problem. And the result is a delicious, low moisture absorption cocoa powder that’s ideal for all desserts with a high-moisture content – not just the ultimate tiramisu.

It retains its rich matte brown color, velvety texture and balanced cocoa flavor on ice cream, confectionery, cheesecakes and any other desserts with water-based fillings.

Dusting Powder Application

Science behind the decadence

One major problem with existing cocoa powders is that they soak into products that condensate during storage. They no longer look like a delicious sprinkle of chocolate, but sink in to become a dark, unidentifiable topping. Our cocoa specialists have eliminated this issue.

We compared Bendorp’s dusting cocoa powder with our leading bestselling standard cocoa powder and a competitive decoration powder. In a series of three tests we looked at their absorption rate, how long it retains its matte brown color, and the quantity of product required.

Bensdorp’s dusting cocoa powder has outstanding results throughout. It stays on the surface for the longest period without dissolving. Because of its low density, you need less Bensdorp’s powder than the others to cover the same surface area. And Bensdorp’s dusting powder retains its matte finish the longest, over a 24 hour period.

One perfect ingredient

Dusting Powder Application

That’s all. Bensdorp’s Dusting Cocoa Powder contains only one perfect ingredient – our high fat cocoa. And that started life as the finest, carefully sourced, West African cocoa beans. Only premium cocoa beans deliver this balanced, round cocoa flavor. So that’s all we use.

Another benefit of our 100% dusting cocoa powder is that you only need to add ‘cocoa powder’ to the ingredients list on your packaging. It’s also a tremendously inclusive, broadly marketable ingredient: 100% sustainable, lactose free, dairy free, sugar free, kosher pareve and vegan.

Most importantly, Bensdorp’s unique Dusting Cocoa Powder gives your creations the finishing flourish they deserve. Who’d have thought that a sprinkling of something so delicate could contain the full power of cacao? Magic dust indeed…


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