5 FAQs about
Ruby Chocolate

Chef holding 3 blocks of Ruby chocolate

5 FAQs about
Ruby Chocolate

What is ruby chocolate?

After dark, milk and white, ruby is the 4th type of chocolate.  Ruby is an intense sensorial delight defined by a unique tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.  Ruby chocolate contains no added color or flavors. 


How is ruby chocolate made and where does it come from?

Ruby is a completely new taste and experience - a gift from Mother Nature.  Ruby is made from the ruby cocoa bean, which is a regular cocoa bean that naturally presents the precursors of the fresh berry fruitiness and color tone.  Then, through Barry Callebaut's unique production process, it becomes Ruby.

What does ruby chocolate taste like?

Ruby is an intense sensorial delight, defined by a unique tension between berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.  Its fresh and tangy flavor delivers a new taste experience that consumers love. 

How can I use ruby chocolate?

There are 3 products in the ruby chocolate range:

1) Ruby EZ melts are perfect for confectionery applications.  What better way to add an exciting twist to classic confections than with the fresh, fruity, and sour flavor of ruby?  Allow ruby chocolate to stand out on its own or find its perfect match by pairing it with red fruits, nuts, caramel, and much more!

2) For ice cream lovers, bite into the luscious smoothness of ruby chocolate ice cream coating.  Ruby ice cream coating is perfect for enrobing ice cream bars or dipping ice cream cones.

3) Ruby is also available in baking chips!  Add the unique, fresh, and tangy flavor of ruby to your baked goods, snacks, and trail mixes to add excitement and multisensoriality.  

Is ruby chocolate sustainable?

Yes!  Ruby chocolate supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.  The Cocoa Horizons Foundation has the goal of improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development, which protect nature and children.  

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Explore Our Ruby Range

  • Ruby Chocolate

    Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness. The 4th chocolate next to dark, milk and white it offers innovation ideas for the next generation of your confectionery and desserts!

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  • Ruby Chocolate Ice Cream Coating

    Ruby chocolate, a true gift from mother nature, is now available in an Ice Cream Coating.  Its fresh and tangy flavor delivers a new taste experience that consumers will love, with the novel ice cream coating crack of texture. 
    Ruby provides new pairing horizons for the ice cream market and new tasting experiences in ice cream consumption.

    It can be used to enrobe or dip ice cream cones or bars

    It works similar to a white ice cream coating in manufacturing. No additional support is required.

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  • Ruby Chocolate Chip

    Ruby, the 4th type of chocolate, is now available in a baking chip and ready to take the category by storm! Its naturally present signature color and fruity flavor will surprise and delight your consumers without added colors or flavors. Add ruby chips to your snacks, trail mixes and baked goods to deliver on Intense Indulgence.

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