Lifestyle Choices: Healthy and mindful eating is here to stay

38% of US consumers report to have followed a special diet in 2019 Showing that today’s consumer are more aware and invested than ever on what they put into their bodies. There are a variety of diets and lifestyle choices consumers can follow and they are certainly open-minded in trying out different diets.



Ultimately, any lifestyle choice is chosen based on the consumers perception of what fits their individual needs best and aligns with their values.

The continued growth and popularity of many of different diet and lifestyle options proves that healthy and mindful eating is here to stay.

Taste is still king. No matter your healthy application, this is one attribute consumers will not sacrifice.

Barry Callebaut has a wide range of functional, yet tasty, products that hit the pulse of consumers’ lifestyle choices.


Sources: FoodInsight 2019 Food and Health Survey, Nielsen, GlobalData; Barry Callebaut Consumer Insights Study.

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