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Almonds Granulated Natural - 25# carton

GRANULATED ALMONDS Sometimes called “chopped” or “diced”, nuts in this form are easy to use and provide a uniform appearance and crunchy mouthfeel in the products in which they are used.

Almonds Sliced Blanched - Six 3# cans

SLICED ALMONDS Slicing offers nut recognition by the consumer without the cost of a whole nut. They’re the perfect choice for glazed Danish or to finish the sides of an iced cake.

Almonds Whole Natural - 25# carton

WHOLE ALMONDS Shelled almonds are popular for many uses in whole form including decorative finishes on cookies and cakes.

Granulated Pistachios

Granulated (chopped) pistachios 

5 lb. box

Whole Natural Hazelnuts

Whole Natural Hazelnuts

Nutmeats - Granulated Cashews - 25# box

Granulated Cashews make for the perfect crunchy nutty topping on any sweet bakery, confection or ice cream treat!

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