The jewel among Swedish chocolate drinks

Ögonblink is the undisputed jewel among Swedish chocolate drinks.

Expect well-balanced, less sweet chocolate drinks with a quality taste.

Its rich heritage started in 1888 with Emil Nissen and his chocolate and confection factory. By selling cocoa in sealed bags under the name Mazetti, the brand would grow into a well-loved player in the drinks market. Since the 1990’s, vending chocolate drinks and retail single portion pack in a retail box is produced in Kågerod, Sweden. 

Mazetti’s eyes: a design classic 

A couple of eyes began to appear on 1904 advertising of Mazetti, just to show customers it was an exclusive product very different from the competition. It wasn’t until 1956, the eyes were streamlined into a familiar, constant brand expression thanks to a new design by Olle Eksell. 

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