Our vision

Passionate about nuts, we want our activities to have a positive impact on the nuts industry and drive the implementation of ethical and environmentally-friendly practices so that our delicious nuts products can be enjoyed forever.

Why do we need to act?

Almond flower in bloom

Climate change and the intensification of agricultural activities are real topics for nuts production, and consumers are increasingly aware of them :

  • Most of the nuts grow best in areas with a Mediterranean climate, where water is a scarce resource and the risk of drought is more and more present. 
  • The last reports about the loss of biodiversity are alarming and without a rich diversity of plant varieties and animal species, humans can not thrive. More specifically, bees and pollinators are essential for almonds to grow and are in critical situation.
  • Among other challenges, some orchards are at risk of more unpredictable weather events, which can deter the new generation of nut growers from joining the industry.

That is why we collaborate with our peers, suppliers, customers and experts to implement clear and impactful actions defined per origin and type of ingredient.

Join us on our sustainability journey

Our commitment

With Nature to Nuts, we aim to secure the future of nuts by addressing the key topics in the nut industry. Therefore, we defined three objectives focused on nuts to commit to by 2025:

  1. 100% of our nuts will come from producers safeguarding water 
  2. 100% of our nuts will come from orchards where biodiversity is fostered
  3. Preserve nut craft, i.e. local farmers will remain our main partners

And as part of Barry Callebaut, La Morella Nuts commits by 2025 to:

  • Eradicate child labor from our supply chain
  • Be carbon-positive 
  • 100% of our ingredients will be verified sustainable

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Our current projects

We are partners of BEE FRIENDLY, a European label that aims to identify and promote pollinator-friendly products and production systems. We are the first company able to offer BEE FRIENDLY certified almonds. 

We are working with our suppliers to implement FSA (Farm Sustainable Assessment), a tool developed by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative. We can already offer verified almonds and hazelnuts, at sustainability level silver.

We are teaming up with a local cooperative and some experts to assess irrigation practices and identify improvement axes to optimize the quantity of nuts produced per litre of water applied.

Hazelnut tree
Hazelnut tree
Hazelnut tree

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