Meet La Morella Nuts


Meet La Morella Nuts

Meet La Morella

With passion and Mediterranean know-how, La Morella is a leading supplier of high-quality specialty nut products. From caramelized pieces to pralinés and fillings, we specialize in deliciously fresh nut products for the food industry. Discover how our nut products are a delicious alternative to dairy in drinks and desserts; and how they bring indulgence and textures to confectionery, ice cream, biscuit and bakery products.

Hazelnut orchards in Spain

Born in the nut groves

Founded in 1986 by a family of hazelnut growers, La Morella Nuts became part of Barry Callebaut in 2012. Because we are located in the middle of Spanish hazelnut orchards in the Reus area, passion for nuts and expertise from farm to application is part of who we are. 

Our name itself - La Morella - refers to the highest hill in the Garraf massif that watches over the Catalan coast. La Morella is also the name of the wind that blows from the South - from Reus and La Morella mountain - straight to Barcelona. 

And most of all, it's the name of one of the world's finest varieties of hazelnut tree.

While we closely work with Spanish nut cooperatives, we also source the best nuts over the world. From Italian hazelnuts to Californian almonds, from Texan pecan or Australian macadamia, we only select the best nut crops.

Experts in Mediterranean nut craft

It takes expertise and perfectly tuned senses to master the perfect balance of taste, color and bite through roasting and caramelization of the nuts. 

1. Master roasters

Roasting determines the flavor and color intensity of the nuts and reveal delicious toasted notes. La Morella nuts devote special care to the roasting process for each nut variety and each harvest. We roast our nuts whole to lock delicate nutty flavors and use unique combinations of roasting time and temperature to achieve specific tastes and colors. The result is a palette of light to dark roasted pastes, praliné and fillings.

La Morella Nut Pastes
Caramelized nuts range

2. Experts in caramelization

It took years of experimenting to fine-tune different degrees of caramelization. La Morella nuts offer an array of light to high caramelizations that each deliver amazing flavors and textures. Whether caramel coats nuts (sablages), is mixed with nuts pieces (crocant) or poured onto a table and sprinkled with nuts (nougatine), we make our caramels ourselves, from scratch. Our caramelization experts know by sight when the product is at its best.

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