Future-proof the ingredients in your products

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Future-proof the ingredients in your products

Each ingredient in chocolate faces its own sustainability challenges. That’s why we work to scale sustainability programs that address the right environmental, economic and social issues in each region we source from. You can join our movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm by purchasing sustainable products or partnering in programs that source more ingredients sustainably.


For our key raw material, Barry Callebaut has invested in the development of sustainable cocoa programs for well over a decade. We offer sustainable cocoa from the following programs: Cocoa Horizons, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. Explore each of these programs and see which products we offer today that contain sustainable cocoa.

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Beyond cocoa

With a variety of ingredients, comes a variety of challenges, plus increased scrutiny around the sourcing of these raw materials. Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate commitment enables us to help you reduce your own supply chain risks and future-proof chocolate, beyond cocoa.

Among the key raw materials in our supply chain, both cane sugar and palm oil have been targeted by NGOs and media for their negative environmental and human rights impacts. But there are sustainable options that are addressing these challenges. A switch from conventional to sustainable palm oil and sugar not only decreases reputational risk, but enables brands to differentiate their product, meet the demands of consumers, increase value, and positively impact society.

Next steps

Consumer insights show that the majority of shoppers prefer sustainable ingredients and will switch to brands with a purpose and a positive impact. Contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative to learn how to leverage more value from sustainability claims and how else our ingredients can benefit your business.

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