Ice Cream &
Frozen Desserts

Ice Cream & Desserts Segment

Ice Cream &
Frozen Desserts

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Barry Callebaut is poised to inspire and partner with you for Ice Cream Ideation with our 4 pillars of product segments:

  • Cocoas Powders & Chocolate
  • Coatings
  • Non-Dairy Solutions
  • Inclusions

Let us help you create indulgent concepts in retail ice cream or within your local shop or gelateria in bulk tubs /pans. 

Make great hand-held, portion controlled, ice cream bars, cones and other novelties for artisan or mass market. 

Capitalize on the largest growing segment of the frozen dessert market with non-dairy solutions like nut butters, pastes, nut butter variegates and textured nut butter variegates.

And lastly, add the good stuff everyone wants in their ice cream: inclusions, chips, chunks, peanut butter cups, sea salt truffles, and so much more!

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