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The Barry Callebaut Group is organized into different Regions: Region EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Region Americas and Region Asia Pacific. The globally managed Global Cocoa business is reported as a separate segment like a Region.

The Group's business can also be separated into three different Product Groups:

  • Food Manufacturers Products
  • Gourmet & Specialties Products (Beverage Business included)
  • Cocoa Products

This organizational structure supports the company’s strategic goal to expand its activities in high-growth countries, to improve its operational footprint and increase its global presence.


Barry Callebaut organization as of May 2020

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Your Barry Callebaut Group Contacts

Christiaan Prins
Head of External Affairs
+41 43 204 03 76
Claudia Pedretti
Head of Investor Relations
+41 43 204 04 23