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Organic Dark Chocolate
Organic dark chocolate with 60% cacao.
Coco Niu, Milk Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Sugar
Milk chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.
Van Leer Napa 65%
Dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage of 65%.
Van Leer
Dairy Free Dark Chocolate
Dairy free dark chocolate with 55% cacao
Reduced Sugar Milk
Milk chocolate with 25% less sugar than it's standard recipe "Kenosha". With dietary fibers.
Van Leer Renny 3 Sugar Free Dark
Classic sugar free dark chocolate confectionery with a cocoa butter base. The sugars are replaced by maltitol to maintain a great taste while being sugar free.
Van Leer
Dairy Free Chocolate 10,000
Dairy free 10,000 ct. dark chocolate chip perfect for baking and snacks.
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Milk chocolate powder made with real chocolate for luxurious texture and flavor in your beverages.

Reduced Sugar Dark
Our classic Van Leer Tulsa with 25% less sugar and added fibers. Can be considered a high fiber coating.
Coco Niu- Dark Chocolate with Coconut Sugar 1000
Coconut sugar replaces standard sugar in this dark 1,000 ct. chocolate chip with a healthy halo.
Coco Niu, Dark Chocolate Sweetened with Coconut Sugar
Dark chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar.

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