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Green Compound Coating

Green compound coating.

Lemon 4000

Yellow bakestable lemon flavored 4,000 ct. chip.

No Sugar Added Milk
No sugar added milk chocolate confectionery with erythritol and dietary fibers. Does not contain added soy lecithin.
Pink Compound Coating

Pink compound coating.

Van Leer Dark Compound Snaps
Lemon 10000
Yellow bakestable lemon flavored 10,000 ct. chip.
Javelin- Dark No Sugar Added High Protein Chip 1000
No sugar added dark chocolate flavored chip with 25% protein and erythritol.
Red Compound Coating

Red compound coating.

Van Leer Ultimate Milk Compound
Caramel 10000
Caramel flavored bakestable 10,000 ct. chip.
Dark Chocolate Flavored High Protein Coating

Dark compound coating with 20% whey protein.

Yellow Compound Coating

Yellow compound coating.

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