Rosemary and honey cocoa pods


Created by
  • Nancy Samson - Ambassador Cacao Barry Canada

Rosemary and honey cocoa pods

ingredients preparation
  • 250g
    35% cream
  • 4g
    fresh rosemary
  • 75g
  • 340g
  • 60g
    softened butter
  • MLD-090569

Boil the cream and infuse the rosemary for 15 minutes.
Boil the infused cream with the honey and pour over the Alunga™ 41% milk chocolate at 80 °C.
At 40 °C, add the butter and mix.
Keep at room temperature.
Mould the bonbon shells using green coloured cocoa butter. Use the mini cocoa pod moulds. (MLD-090428-M00).
Fill the shells with the ganache.
Let crystallize overnight and seal.
Keep in fridge. 

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