DELIGANT “N”: Yuzu Chocolate Cocoa Pod

My DELIGANT for this assignment is the deliciousness associated with the elegance to provide nutrients that bring health benefits. In conventional confectionery making, all that was needed was good taste, which was rarely compatible with nutrients. I want to deliver a #TASTE that allows people to enjoy the pairing of chocolate and ingredients that are good for the body.

The main ingredient, yuzu, is an ancient Japanese fruit that contains many nutrients such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and hesperidin. Vitamin C is a basic nutrient needed by humans, and in addition to its antioxidant properties that prevent oxidation of the body, it also has anti-glycation properties that prevent the body from absorbing more sugar than necessary. Yuzu is a very good source of vitamin C while maintaining its delicious taste. Its absorption rate is facilitated by hesperidin, and using the whole peel maximizes this effect. Similarly, beta-carotene, which is abundant, contributes to strengthening the mucous membranes and boosting the immune system. In this way, yuzu, which is one of the prides of my hometown Japan, is not only delicious but also contains many nutrients necessary for the body. 
Chocolate also contains many important nutrients such as polyphenols and theobromine. Polyphenols, in particular, are relaxing nutrients, as is the limonene found in yuzu, and I believe that the combination of yuzu and chocolate can provide even higher benefits.

By combining yuzu and chocolate and their wonderful array of charms, I propose a DELIGANT TMRW confection that not only tastes great, but also contains the full range of nutrients necessary for the body, and takes full advantage of them.

My concept of "DELIGANT" is linked to all the themes of WCM. In #TASTE, I express "Delicious+Nutritious", as for the "N" of DELIGANT. deligaNt" = "Delicious+Nutritious" = #TASTE

Chocolate Crepe dentelle

ingredients preparation
  • 692g
  • 6g
  • 152g
    Powder Sugar
  • 60g
    flour T45
  • 16g
  • 76g
    unsalted butter
  • 180g
    egg white
  • 200g
    Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Dark Couverture Chocolate Guayaquil 64% (CHD-P64EXBG-126)

Step 1. Heat water and salt in a saucepan.

Step 2. Put the egg whites in a bowl and sift in the powdered sugar, flour and cocoa.

Step.3. Add melted butter and mix.

Step 4. Add 1 cup of water and mix.

Step 5. Bake in the oven at 180℃ for 12 minutes.

Step 6. Shape the dough into a ball.

Step 7. Brush coating the inside with tempered chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse DELIGANT

ingredients preparation
  • 39g
    Egg yolk
  • 18g
    granulated sugar
  • 93g
    fresh cream 35%
  • 93g
    whole milk
  • 3/4piece(s)
    Vanilla beans
  • 0,2g
  • 7,5g
    Agar powder
  • 155g
    Or Noir Deligant
  • 102g
    Ghana 40%
  • 270g
    fresh cream 35%

Step 1. Warm the milk, cream, vanilla beans and cloves in a saucepan.

Step 2. Mix the egg yolks with the granulated sugar and the agar powder, then add the mixture to Step 1 and cook the English cream.

Step 3: Add the cooked English cream to the chocolate and blend in a blender to emulsify the mixture.

Step 4. Combine with the whipped cream.

Yuzu & Lemon Balm Cream

ingredients preparation
  • 92g
    Fresh yuzu juice
  • 65g
    Egg yolk
  • 81g
    Whole egg
  • 169g
    granulated sugar
  • 48g
    unsalted sugar
  • 3pinch
    Fresh yuzu zest
  • 12g
    Fresh lemon balm

Step 1. Heat the Fresh yuzu juice. Mix the eggs with granulated sugar, then add the yuzu juice and cook the creme.

Step 2. Remove from heat, add butter, yuzu zest and lemon balm, and mix with a blender.

Step 3. Strain with mesh.

Whipped Ganache Zéphyr™ Caramel

ingredients preparation
  • 205g
  • 134g
    fresh cream 35%
  • 30g
    Glucose syrop
  • 16g
    inverted sugar
  • 240g
    fresh cream 35%

Step 1. Boil Fresh cream [A], syrup, and inverted sugar.

Step 2. Add them to the Zephyr Caramel and make a ganache.

Step 3. Add cold cream [B] and chill in the refrigerator.

Step 4. After crystallization, whip with a mixer and use

Whole Yuzu Paste

ingredients preparation
  • 130g
    fresh yuzu peel
  • 130g
    granulated sugar
  • 16g
    soluble dietary fibres (made from corn)
  • 21g
    yuzu juice

Step 1. Squeeze the juice of Fresh yuzu citrus fruits.

Step 2. Heat the peel in a microwave oven.

Step 3. Once softened, add granulated sugar, soluble fibre and yuzu juice.


Chocolate Perfume Ball

ingredients preparation
  • 300g
  • 75g
    granulated sugar
  • 6,3g
    gelatin powder
  • 6g
  • 0,2g
    cinnamon powder

Step 1. Heat water.

Step 2. Add granulated sugar, gelatin powder, cocoa and cinnamon.

Step 3. Whip the mixture with a mixer while keeping it under ice water.


Chocolate Plate

ingredients preparation
  • Extra-Bitter Guayaquil 64%

Roll out the tempered chocolate in a thin layer and cut out with a cutter mould.

Cocoa Powder

Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1.  

Piping with chocolate mousse DELIGANT on the bottom of the chocolate crepe dentelle.

Assembly step 2. 

Top with Yuzu and Lemon balm cream, Whipped Ganache Zephyr caramel, and whole Yuzu paste, in that order.

Assembly step 3. 

Piping with a Chocolate Perfume Ball , and top with the chocolate plate decorations.

Assembly Step4.

Sprinkle with cocoa powder.

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