Floating Building

Due to the lack of fresh water, the idea of floating buildings came to me as a solution to this problem and I try to produce clean energy. That’s why I created this shape that works as a purifying seawater and collector of rainwater to produce clean energy in large quantities.


Chocolate Ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 163g
  • 9g
  • 28g
    olive oil
  • 123g

Step 1. Boil the glucose and and the cream
Step 2. Pour it on the olive oil and the dark chocolate
Step 3. Mix together until emulsion

Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 75g
  • 75g
    35% cream
  • 75g
    Egg yolk
  • 41g
    inverted sugar
  • 125g
  • 53g
  • 357g
    Cream 82%

Step 1. Stir the egg yolks with the inverted sugar
Step 2. Boil the cream and the milk
Step 3. Whisk the cream
Step 4. After obtaining the custard, we pour it on the chocolate
Step 5. At 31°C, add the whipping cream

Banana Confit

Ingredients Preparation
  • 160g
    fresh banana
  • 51g
    mango puree
  • 15g
    passion fruit puree
  • 1/3piece(s)
    gousse de vanille
  • 45g
  • 12g
  • 12g
  • 2g
    Pectine NH
  • 1g
  • 15g
    lime juice

Step 1. Caramelize the bananas in the oven
Step 2. Mix the purees with vanilla extract
Step 3. Add the banana into the mixture
Step 4. Add the sugar, dextrose, pectine the agar-agar and the lime juice
Step 5. Boil the mixture

Pecan Praline

Ingredients Preparation
  • 600g
    pecan nuts
  • 400g
  • 3g
    gousse de vanille
  • 4g

Step 1. Cook the pecan nuts in the oven
Step 2. Caramelize the sugar, the vanilla extract and the salt
Step 3. Mix together

Crispy Peacan

Ingredients Preparation
  • 400g
    pecan praliné
  • 150g
  • 300g
    chopped pecans
  • 2g

Mix all the ingredients


Assembly and finishing

Assembly step 1. For the Monalisa concept, we start by putting the chocolate mousse as the first layer
Assembly step 2. Put the chocolate ganache on top of it
Assembly step 3. Proceed by adding the banana confit as the 3rd layer
Assembly step 4. Finally, sprinkle the crispy pecan on top


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