Collective Consciousness

The creation represents the cracks of the dry earth, at the base, and the upper part the form of the theobromine molecule, raising awareness that with climate change, cacao is in danger.

The flavors are dark chocolate, cherry, bitter almond and green lime.

Inspiration arises looking at the future and seeing what is going to happen with cocoa and the drought, we have to share awareness and be respectful.

Creamy Almond

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g
    almond milk
  • 125g
    raw almond paste
  • 175g
  • 5g
    jelly sheet
  • 50g
  • 100g
  • 5drop(s)
    bitter almond essence
  • 0.5piece(s)
    grated tonka bean

Heat the almond milk with the sugar and grate the tonka bean into the mixture.

Hydrate the jelly sheets and melt them in the previous mixture.

Pour the hot part over the cocoa butter, white chocolate and almond paste. emulsify.Finally add the amareto and the drops of essence of bitter almond and emulsify again.

Put aside

Jellified Cherry and Lime

Ingredients Preparation
  • 175g
  • 250g
    lime juice
  • 175g
    cherry purée
  • 50g
    almivar tpt
  • 48g
    fred gel cream
  • 4piece(s)
    jelly sheet

Moisturize the jelly sheets and melt in the almivar

Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour the syrup with the leaves on top.

Emulsify and reserve.


Black Paint

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g
    cocoa butter
  • 700g
  • 20g

Melt the cocoa butter and the chocolate.

Mix the ingredients.

Add coloring and mix again.


Assembly and finishing

Polish and join the base and paint with the tempered black chocolate paint.

On the top piece, fill each hole with the two creams, half and half. Inside the large cavity put a yellow cherry.

Finish decorating with sprouts.


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