Purity and the renewability of nature and its main component; water follows all my creations in numerous ways. What is the single thing everyone knows about Finland? Well,  we have one of the cleanest waters in the world and we have snow. -hence the snowflake.

Arctic bramble gele

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
    Arctic bramble puree 100%
  • 60g
  • 1piece(s)
    Vanilla pod
  • 9g
  • 20g
    fresh lemon juice

Heat all the ingredients, except the gelatin and lemon  juice up to 104 C  

-add remaining ingredients and cool to approx. 30 C. Dose  to the shells

Skinny lemon grass and white chocolate pudding

Ingredients Preparation
  • 500g
    skimmed milk
  • 50g
    lemon grass chopped
  • 100g
    oat xylitol
  • 25g
    corn starch
  • 130g
    egg yolks
  • 3g
  • 50g

-Heat the milk and lemon grass in a kettle and let infuse 

-mix xylitol and corn starch with the yolks and combine  with the milk 

-cook until the pudding thickens, add rehydrated gelatin  and finally the chocolate 

-cool and set aside for use


Cinnamon & demerara cookie

Ingredients Preparation
  • 100g
  • 60g
    syrup dark
  • 85g
    demerara sugar
  • 195g
    wheat flour
  • 2g
    baking powder
  • 3g
    cinnamon powder
  • 2g
  • 0.5g

-cream the butter, sugar and syrup 

-add all the dry ingredients at once and mix, until a  uniform dough is formed 

-wrap in plastic and let cool in the fridge. 

-press thinly onto baking plates and bake at 175C for 12  min


Cinnamon and demerara cookie SPREAD

Ingredients Preparation
  • 150g
  • 40g
    water fresh Finnish
  • 30g
    Rape seed oil
  • 30g
    invert sugar

-blend all ingredients together, until smooth 

-set aside for use


Scented water

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
    water fresh Finnish
  • pinch
    essential oil spruce sprout

boil the mix

Assembly and finishing

Pipe cookie spread in the bottom of the shapes to seal them 

Pipe the pudding next 

Dose the gele on top of the rest 

Break the cookies into small pieces and lightly dust them with confectioners’ sugar 

Grind the dried corn flowers into a dust-like consistency, dust the pieces lightly and insert the cubes on top of the flowers 

Attach the final décors on the pieces and set aside to wait serving 

Upon serving, place a small kernel of dry ice in the cup, under the snowflake and insert the scented water with a  pipette.


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