With the predictable rise of sea levels, I thought that possibly, we would not be able to live in the same place as we do now. 

I have reflected about this issue and came up with an original chocolate shape which illustrates a circular floating island that I imagined we could move to. 

There is a desire to express a new form by turning the molded chocolate upside down.


Ganache caramel aux agrume

Ingredients Preparation
  • 25g
    brown sugar
  • 25g
  • 90g
    cream 35%
  • 60g
    Milk chocolate (Or noir)
  • 40g
    Alto el Sol Dark Chocolate
  • 35g
    orange concentrate puree
  • 5g
    yuzu juice
  • 1piece(s)

 Combine caramelized brown sugar, warmed cream and trehalose. 

Add orange concentrate puree and yuzu juice. 

Combine with chocolate and blend with a hand blender. 

Add combava peel.

Ganache spéculoos

Ingredients Preparation
  • 120g
    cream 35%
  • 10g
  • 3g
  • 80g
    Chocolate Or Noir
  • 30g
    Alto el Sol Dark Chocolate
  • 5g
    Liqueur d’orange

Warm the cream, trehalose and spéculoos and combine with the chocolate. 

Blend with a hand blender and add the liqueur d’orange.



Ingredients Preparation
  • 60g
  • 20g
  • 20g
    roasted flax seeds
  • 90g
    roasted popped rice
  • 70g
    Chocolate Or Noir
  • 2g
    sea salt

Melt the chocolate and mix all the ingredients together.

Les algues frites

Ingredients Preparation
  • 6piece(s)
  • 18g
    pastry flour
  • 26g
  • 4g

Combine flour, water and vinegar and coat the seaweed. 

Sprinkle with roasted popped rice. 

Deep-fry in oil at 180°C and sprinkle with salt.

Assembly and finishing

Spray the mould with tempered butter and natural food coloring.Spray chocolate shell with crystallized coloured cocoa butter. 

Tempered Chocolat noir Alto el sol, Chocolat or noir and mould. 

At 28°C, pour in the following order the crystalline, ganache spéculoos, ganache caramel agrumes.

Remove from the mould, decorate with les algues frites and sprinkle with combava peel.


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