Countryside morning

This fresh chocolate bonbon features traditional Greek countryside flavors. The creaminess of Zephyr 34% is combined with Greek yogurt, Keffir milk and sheep butter. The dairy notes are accompanied by Orange Blossom and a fresh Mandarin flavor, from a variety of mandarin, unique to Chios Island (Protected Geographical Indication), which is intense and very aromatic. A walnut and rice crunch adds an interesting texture, and the intensity is balanced by encasing everything  in a chocolate shell, made with Tanzanie 75% chocolate.

This chocolate bonbon is created by taking in mind that tradition truly represents the steps we take to climb to our future. By keeping close to us what is best from our tradition, we make tomorrow more familiar and sweeter. We don’t need to change what is good, but we can always improve and optimize it for the future. So, by using chocolate once more, to bind together familiar flavors, we emphasize on the importance of it as an ingredient of #Tomorrow, an ingredient that brings us close to what we love. 
For this creation the main flavor that nature provides comes from the island of Chios Mandarin (Nature side) and Yogurt, Keffir and of course chocolate represent the flavors our knowledge, experience and science have created (knowledge/science side).
As this bonbon is a fresh one, intended to be consumed in a few days, the ganache is made using a cold method, so that the probiotics-cultures of the yogurt and of keffir stay alive to offer their benefits to the consumer, giving this treat an additional functional role. 

Country Greek yogurt - keffir ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 39g
    Greek Yogurt full fat
  • 54g
    Keffir Milk
  • 3g
    lemon juice
  • 9g
    orange blossom water
  • 0.9g
    fleur de sel
  • 12g
    Pine honey
  • 10g
    Yogurt powder

Heat to 40°C

  • 236g

Add tempered

  • 18g
    Sheep butter anhydrous
  • 18g
    butter 82%

Then add and emulsify

Use to fill at 28°C.

Chios mandarin (PGI) Intense gel

Ingredients Preparation
  • 31g
    Chios mandarin peel

Blanch and strain 3 times. Then chop finely.

  • 236g
    Chios mandarin squeezed Juice
  • 8g
    lemon juice
  • 32g
    passion fruit puree
  • 120g
    fine sugar
  • 3g
    pectin X58
  • 0.8g
    carob gum

Add the peel and boil everything. Remove from heat

  • 12g
    Kalamansi vinegar

Then add the vinegar and set aside to cool.

Let it set completely and mix with a stick blender.

Zephyr 34% - walnut - rice crunch

Ingredients Preparation
  • 68g
  • 9g

Melt together

  • 25g
    Puffed rice pearls
  • 1g
    Yogurt powder
  • 30g
    Roasted walnuts chopped finely
  • 0.2g
    fine salt
  • 24g
    walnut paste

Then add

Spread between two baking sheets, chill and cut in disks.

Bonbon shell

Ingredients Preparation
  • Q.S.
    Natural orange cocoa butter color
  • Q.S.
    Natural white cocoa butter color (TiO2 free)
  • Q.S.

Spray and cast with Tanzanie 75%

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