Push Through

Finnish Seabuckthorn & Sage, incorporated with white, dark, and a hint of milk chocolate.

One of the most nutritious berries around, Seabuckthorn is mixed with white chocolate and Finnish sage, to lift up the aromatic and light taste of both. The sage is boiled down with water and oat Xylitol to create a perfect upcycling product. Oat Xylitol is made from oat hulls –formerly waste and is not only a non-common sugar but a healthy one. The name “push through” derives both from the oat xylitol´s up scaling principal as well as the small daisy pushing through the bonbon.


Seabuckthorn ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 100g
    sea buckthorn juice


  • 250g


Make a “cold ganache” 
Heat the juice to 50°C, add to the previously melted, 30°C Zephyr white chocolate and emulsify

Sage & oat xylitol gelé

ingredients preparation
  • 375g
  • 10piece(s)
    Fresh sage leaves
  • 50g
    Fazer Oat Xylitol
  • 5g
    agar agar

Boil All

Heat the water and crushed sage leaves up to 60°C
Add the Xylitol and Agar Agar. 
Cool down until the gelé starts to set and dose to the molds.

Chocolate crystal

ingredients preparation
  • 150g
  • 70g


  • 95g


Bring the water and sugar to a boil and reduce until 150°C
Add the white chocolate and mix vigorously until crumbles and then pour onto a plate to cool 
Dust with dried seabuckthorn powder

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