Chocolate Citrus Pistachio Drift

Citrus is growing all over California, the acidity from the Meyer Lemon marmalade and the floral scent from the Kaffir lime make a perfect balance with the roasted and authentic flavor of the pistachio Gianduja.

In this bonbon you will have 3 chocolate features:

  • The Zephyr which will help bring the brightness of vibrant colors inspired by the Kelp Forest from the Ocean and the ripples of water drops.
  • The┬áLactee Superieure will increase the roasted sensation of the gianduja.
  • Extra Bitter Guayaquil will give a note of strong Cacao flavor and bitterness.

The driftwood platter represents the flow from the waves of the ocean.


Lemon Marmalade

Ingredients Preparation
  • 95g
    Meyer Lemon Segments
  • 44g
    lemon peel
  • 135g
  • 135g

Blanch Lemon Peel 3 times. Mix all and Cook to 110C. Blend in Robocoupe.

Zephyr Kaffir Lime Ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 195g
  • 225g
  • 45g
  • 1/4spoon(s)
    vanilla paste
  • 1piece(s)
    kaffir lime

Boil Cream with Vanilla, infuse Kaffir Lime. Pour over Chocolate and butter. Immersion Blend.

Pistachio Duja

Ingredients Preparation
  • 270g
  • 100g
  • 30g

Temper Chocolate and Cocoa Butter, blend in Praline.

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