Pistachio Panning


Syrup Base

ingredients preparation
  • 105g
  • 52g
  • 17g
    inverted sugar

1. Bring everything to a boil

2. Cool completely before using

Caramelized Pistachios

ingredients preparation
  • 462g
  • 137g
    syrup base

1. Mix cold syrup base and pistachios

2. Caramelize at 150C for 15 min

Pistachio Praline (for panning)

ingredients preparation
  • 470g
  • 117g
  • 82g
  • 22g
    precrystalized cocoa butter

1. Melt the pistachio praline, zephyr (1), and cocoa butter

2. At 32C, crystalize with precrystalized cocoa butter

3. Follow the panning instructions in the Assembly page

Pistachio Panning Color

ingredients preparation
  • 481g

1. Melt the chocolate

2. Add the cocoa butter colors

3. Add the hazelnut skins

4. Use uncrystalized at 33-35C


1. Put 1 ladle of Pistachio Praline in panning bowl, and add caramelized pistachios

2. Add a handful of feuilletine

3. Add a ladle of uncrystalized Zephyr at 33-35C

4. Repeat until all of the praline, feuilletine, and zephyr are gone

5. Keep rotating panning until round, at least 1 hour (use heat if necessary)

6. Once smooth, add color gradually (uncrystalized at 33-35C)

7. Let panning rest 24 hours at 65C

8. Weigh the panning, and start rotating at 15% speed

9. Apply Capol 127C in 3 applications (use a total of 0.6% of the weight of the panning)

10. For final shine, use Capol 155C (one application of 0.2% of the weight of the panning)

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