Milk Chocolate Gianduja

Take your milk chocolate gelato recipe to the next level with this delicious Milk Chocolate Gianduja recipe! Bring out the milky, caramelly taste and warm colour your customers are looking for. And count on Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 823 for a snappy crack that really highlights the harmony of its caramelly goodness, cocoa and rich creamy flavours!

Yield: 4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve


Created by
  • Fabrizio Di Marzio -

Milk Chocolate Gianduja

ingredients preparation
  • 1bag(s)
  • 800g
  • 1400g
    hot water (70°-85°)
  • 1000g
    whole milk (70-85°C)
  • FNN-O1239
  • ICE-45-MNV

Pour one bag of CHOCO BASE latte into the hot water (85°-100°C), Mix well with an immersion blender for 1 minute. Add the Callebaut Gianduja and mix well for 1 more minute. Pour and simply mix the cold full fat milk (1000g). If possible, allow to rest the mix for at least half an hour. Churn in the batch freezer as a classic gelato. When gelato comes out of the batch freezer, fill half the gelato container and mix with Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 823 and the chococrema Nocciola to create a marble effect. Fill the rest of the gelato container with gelato. Mix again with the Callebaut® Ice Chocolate 823 and the chococrema Nocciola. Finish by drizzling on top the Ice-Chocolate Milk and the Chococrema Nocciola. 4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve. Leave to rest in blast freezer for a few mins.

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