Chocopraline Del Campione Del Mondo

Want to create an exotic flavour bomb with real Italian ice cream? With this lush Sao Tomé gelato recipe, you will lift the intense taste of roasted cocoa with refreshing fruity notes of apricot, red fruits, citrus and tea to another level. Combine your Sao Thomé 70% with hazelnut praliné, almonds and passion fruit puree for a delicious premium concept that will attract foodies to your shop and will make you earn a bigger margin on every scoop you sell!


Created by
  • Davide Comaschi - Head of the Chocolate Academy Milano

Chocopraline Del Campione Del Mondo

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1bag(s)
  • 2000g
    hot water (70°-85°)
  • 800g
    passion fruit purée
  • 800g

Mix together with immersion blender for ± 2 mins.
Leave to rest in refrigerator (3-5°C) for ± 30 mins.
Pour into batch freezer and start churning.
Leave to rest in blast freezer to obtain more stability and better structure.
4 kg (± 4.5 L) of gelato ready to serve.

Finishing & presentation:

Mix in melted Callebaut Ice-Choc Dark.
Create thin slab of 75 g tempered milk chocolate + 250 g Callebaut almond praliné PRAMA +
250 g of Callebaut hazelnut praline PRA-CLAS.
Leave to harden in shock freezer.
Cut into squares and arrange on top.Finish with pieces of Callebaut Sao Thomé chocolate
dusted with gold powder, almonds and quarters of passion fruit.

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