Caramel & Crumble Cupcakes

With this recipe, you’ll create a cupcake one can’t refuse. It’s light, elegant – not overly sweet – yet overly indulgent thanks to the caramel and chocolate pairing in the ganache and the drizzle. Remember: when your guests or customers notice there’s a chocolate and caramel combination on the menu, they can’t resist!


Created by
  • Ryan Stevenson - Baker, Paddock Bakery

Olive Oil Biscuit

ingredients preparation
  • 416g
    whole eggs
  • 520g
  • 312g
    cream 35% fat

Mix together. 

  • 416g
  • 104g
    potato starch
  • 21g
    Baking powder
  • 2g
    fine salt
  • 208g
    Olive oil


Pipe into cupcake moulds or paper baking cups.
Bake for 12 mins. at 180°C.    


ingredients preparation
  • 175g
  • 110g
    caster sugar
  • salt

Mix in the bowl of the stand mixer at low speed (using the flat mixing beater). 

  • 110g
    butter (diced)

Briefly and roughly mix in the butter at low speed. Make sure the texture remains lumpy and not over-processed.    

Spread out evenly on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Bake for 20 mins. at 165°C.    

Whipped Gold Ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 833g
    cream 35% fat
  • 77g
  • 3g
    vanilla bean

Heat together (to 85°C).

Leave to infuse for a few minutes.

  • 154g
  • 9g
    gelatine mass

Mix and pour over the previous mixture. Emulsify well. 

  • 123g
    cream 35% fat

Add and mix again.

Leave to cool in the fridge.

Whip the ganache before use until light and fluffy and bring into a piping bag.   

Finishing and presentation

ingredients preparation
  • Sea salt

Mix the caramel and salt and bring into a piping bag.

Pipe a rich tuft of whipped ganache on the top of each cupcake and decorate with crunchy bits of crumble.

Drizzle with caramel.

Sprinkle Callebaut Crispearls™ Salted Caramel CEF-CC-CARAMEL on top.

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