Chocolate Dome with Gold Ganache & Crispy Caramel

Looking to wow you guests? It can’t go wrong with chocolate dome and caramel. Here’s an easy recipe that combines the indulgence of chocolate with the deeply satisfying taste of caramel. Once on the menu, your guests will consider desserts more often than ever before.


Created by
  • Ryan Stevenson - Baker, Paddock Bakery

Ganache Montée Gold

ingredients preparation
  • 833g
    35% cream
  • 77g
  • 3g
    vanilla bean

Boil together.

  • 9g
    gelatin mass
  • 154g

Pour over previous the mixture. Emulsify well.

  • 123g
    warm cream 35%

Add and mix again.

Chill and whip before use.

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