Ganache montee with ruby rb1

Looking to surprise your customers with a light, aerated and fluffy ruby ganache? You can’t go wrong with this recipe. It’s easy to prepare, takes no time and makes the taste and sparkling colour of ruby stand out.
You can use this ganache montée for topping cupcakes, desserts or pastries.


Created by
  • Ryan Stevenson - Baker, Paddock Bakery

ruby ganache montée

Ingredients Preparation
  • 29g
    lime puree
  • 146g
    raspberry puree
  • 15g
    glucose DE 40

Warm to 40°C.

  • 204g
  • 35g
    gelatine mass

Melt to 35°C. Add and mix well.

  • 772g
    35% cream

Add, mix again and leave to crystallise for 24 hrs.


Whip before use. Bring into a piping bag. Apply.

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