Cara Crakine™ and Extra-Bitter Guayaquil Nibs Tube


Created by
  • Ramon Morato - Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand

Caracrakine™ filling

ingredients preparation
  • 600g

Warm up to around 30°C

  • 100g

Incorporate at around 50°C

  • 200g
  • 8g
    Maldon salt

Add to the mixture

Pre-crystallise the mixture at around 23ºC.



Once crystallised, immediately measure out the Cara Crakine™ filling into the tube-shaped moulds and insert the lollipop stick.
Turn out of the moulds once crystallised.
Separately, melt and pre-crystallise Lactée Barry milk chocolate couverture 35% & Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate couverture 64% couvertures.
Coat the tubes with Lactée Barry milk chocolate couverture 35% and add some drops of Extra-Bitter Guayaquil dark couverture chocolate 64%.
Place some Pépites Extra-Bitter Guayaquil on the surface and set aside.

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