Coffee-vermouth brew

Recipe of Callebaut® Ambassador Peter Hernou,
World Champion Latte Art Exciting fl avour pairing – Dessert and drink-in-one


Created by
  • Peter Hernou - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

Vermouth cream for topping (prepare in advance)

ingredients preparation
  • Q.S.
    whipped cream
  • Q.S.

Mix together and whip until thick and frothy. Keep in the fridge.

  • 3cl
  • 1sachet
  • Q.S.
    hot brewed coffee

Mix together in a recipient. Then pour into a milk pitcher and steam to ± 72°C. Serve in a tall glass.

Top off with the Vermouth cream and sprinkle with Callebaut® ChocRocks™ Dark CHD-GL-47X11-556, ChocRocks™ Milk CHM-GL-47U23S-556 and IBC Fruit Pieces.

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