Belgitude Blonde

Imagine this: a dessert served from a tap that looks like a Belgian beer yet tastes like chocolate heaven. That’s what you can expect from the Belgitude Blonde. Created by Belgian pastry chef Mathieu Dierinck, this dessert pairs a chocolate & Earl Grey espuma with a refreshing passion fruit jelly, red fruits, dark chocolate brownies and a coconut espuma. Expect a light, refreshing taste bomb!


Created by
  • Mathieu Dierinck - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium

Fluid Exotic Gel

Ingredients Preparation
  • 660g
    passion fruit puree
  • 660g
  • 660g
  • 20g

Mix the sugar with the gelling agents, then mix with the defrosted puree.
Heat up to the boiling point, poor into a shallow metal tray, cover and cool in the fridge until sollidified. Mix in a blender to obtain a smooth gel. 

Chocolate Espuma Infused

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1234g
  • 600g
  • 1500g
  • 1234g
    35% cream
  • 50g
    Earl Grey tea
  • 1400g
    egg white

Warm the cream and milk to 50°C, and infuse. When cooled, pass through a sif and scale again. If needed add extra cream.
Heat up the cream and the inverted sugar to 80°c, poor onto the Madagascar chocolate, add the eggwhites and mix.
Cool down, fill in an espuma bottle and charge with one cream charger.
Leave to rest before using.
Use at room temp. 

Coconut Espuma

Ingredients Preparation
  • 568g
    coconut milk
  • 85g
    invert sugar dough
  • 150g
  • 142g
    coconut puree
  • 142g
  • 142g
    batida de coco
  • 30g
    gelatin mass

Heat up (60°) the coconutmilk and inverted sugar and add the gelatine mass, poor over the rest of the ingredients.
Mix well and store in the frifdge for 4 hours minimum, or untill the mass has completaly cooled.

Finishing and assembly

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1
  • 2piece(s)
    fresh raspberries
  • 2piece(s)
  • Q.S.

Fill the cup wiht 80g gel.
Squeeze in a chocolate cup.
Add two raspberries and two blueberries.
Add 65g of chocolate mousse.
Sprinkle with 5g of brownies.
Top off with 45g of foam.

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