White chocolate and passion fruit - olive oil - basil


Created by
  • Ramon Morato - Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand
  • François Chartier - "Créateur d'harmonies" and author of Taste buds and Molecules

Zéphyr white chocolate and passion fruit truffle

ingredients preparation
  • 400g
    passion fruit puree
  • 70g
    glucose syrup DE 44
  • 70g
    invert sugar
  • 70g
  • 775g
  • 150g
    cocoa butter
  • 2g

Mix the passion fruit purée with the sugars and salt.
Meanwhile, melt the couverture and cocoa butter.
Add the water-based solution to the couvertures and make sure that the mixture emulsifies properly.
At 28°C, pour into the moulds previously lined with white couverture and leave to crystallise for 24 hours covered with cling film.

Arbequina olive oil and basil interior

ingredients preparation
  • 750g
    Arbequina olive oil
  • 245g
    cocoa butter
  • 5g
    Sosa wax concept
  • 1g
    powdered freeze-dried basil

Heat the oil to around 50°C and add the basil.
Mix the wax concept with the cocoa butter, mix with the oil.
Lower the temperature of the mixture to 30°C, add around 1% of the tempered cocoa butter or temper the mixture at 23°C to a cold point.
Pipe into semi-sphere moulds, at the bottom of the chocolate mould and leave to crystallise.



ingredients preparation
  • MLD-090510

Temper the green paint and with an airbrush, spray droplets on the semi-sphere moulds.
Then temper the orange paint and using an airbrush, graduate the colour, repeating the operation finally with the yellow paint.
Finally temper the white chocolate and line the moulds.
Pipe 2/3 of the passion fruit truffle when at 28°C in the moulds and insert the half sphere of oil interior.
Fill up with passion fruit truffle.
Leave to crystallise for a few hours and cover the base with white chocolate.
Unmould and set aside.

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