Created by
  • Christophe Mazeaud - Chef and lecturer at Cordon Bleu, San Francisco

Snack bar

ingredients preparation
  • 161g
    dried cranberries
  • 21g
    sucre neige (snow powder)

Pulse the cranberries with the sucre neige in a food processor just until small pieces form. Do not overprocess as to form a paste. Place in the freezer for 10-15 min. to ensure the pieces do not stick together

  • 105g
  • 105g

Melt and mix together.

  • 952g

Combine with the melted chocolate and cocoa butter

  • 266g
  • 98g
    rice crisp

Gently fold into the chocolate mixture together with the cranberries. 

Spread into a 17 mm frame. Allow to set up overnight at room temperature. Cut into 15 mm x 80 mm pieces. Partially enrobe with pre-crystallised milk chocolate Callebaut® Select 823NV. Garnish with Callebaut® Crispearls™ Dark CED-CC-45CRISP.

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