Sugar Free Liquorice Caramel Bars


Created by
  • John Costello - UK Callebaut Ambassador

Mould Preparation

ingredients preparation
  • IBC White cocoa butter
  • IBC Bronze creative powder

Crystallise the white cocoa butter.
Flick bar mould with prepared white cocoa butter.
Once dry dust the mould with Bronze creative powder.

Shelling of mould

ingredients preparation
  • 2000g

Shell Moulds with tempered with No Added Sugar dark chocolate.

Liquorice Caramel Filling

ingredients preparation
  • 300g
    agave syrup

Heat to 170°C.

  • 170g
    whipping cream
  • liquorice oil

Recook to 115°C.

  • 170g
    unsalted butter

Stir in.

Recook to 85% of total solids – approximately 120°C.
Allow to cool.
Pipe into prepared moulds.
Close Chocolates with Pre-crystallised No Added Sugar Chocolate.

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