Violet and raspberry truffles


Created by
  • Marie-Caroline Vroman - Chocolatier at Maoline – Braine l’Alleud, België

Violet and raspberry truffles

ingredients preparation
  • 400ml
    35% cream
  • 50g
    green violets and raspberry infusion
  • 75g
    invert sugar

Bring to the boil together and leave to infuse for a few minutes.

  • 450g

Bring the cream to the boil again and pour over the chocolate.

Homogenise with the stick blender.

Leave to cool and transfer into a piping bag.

After cooling pipe the truffles in small ball-shapes onto parchment paper, leave to harden overnight.

  • 200g
    granulated sugar
  • colorante violaQ.S.

Mix the sugar with a few drops of the colouring.

  • 200g

Dip the truffles into the tempered chocolate and immediately roll through the sugar.

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