Gingerbread praline

Gingerbread praline

ingredients preparation
  • 320g
    35% cream
  • 35g
  • 1g
    cinnamon powder

Boil cream, glucose and cinnamon together.

  • 100g
  • 670g

Crumble the gingerbread. Pour the boiling mixture over the gingerbread and milk chocolate and mix thoroughly. 

  • 150g

Once the previous ganache has cooled down to 35°C, homogenize with the immersion blender.

  • 100g

Pour the ganache into a frame and leave to crystallize.

Cover the bottom of the ganache with a thin layer of the tempered dark chocolate to prevent sticking. Cut into pieces of 2cm2.

  • 200g

Dip the praline cubes into milk chocolate. Leave to set on parchment paper.

  • 10g
    cinnamon powder

Immediately sprinkle the pralines with cinnamon powder. Press a piece of plastic sheet or guitar sheet on the surface of the praline. Leave to crystallize completely before removing the pieces of plastic sheet.

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