Cocoa beans are traditionally fermented between banana leaves. Hence a dominant banana a.k.a. ‘musa’ flavour. Rum is another product of fermentation. Together with cocoa, all three flavours are produced throughout the tropics and form a classic combination.


Created by
  • Russ Thayer - Chef Callebaut, Chocolate Academy Canada

Musa’ banana rum ganache

ingredients preparation
  • 140g
    36% cream
  • 90g
    glucose syrup DE 60
  • 200g
    Banana purée

Mix together cream and puree. Heat to incorporate glucose. Cool to 35°C.

  • 840g
  • 24g

Melt together at 40°C.

Pour banana mixture over chocolate and emulsify with food processor or
immersion blender.

  • 90g
    Myer’s rum

Add to ganache and emulsify.

  • Q.S.

Pour ganache into 9-mm-thick frame at 32-34°C. Leave to crystallise
for 12 hours at 16°C. Cut to 25 x 25 mm. Enrobe with dark chocolate and
decorate with green chocolate plaquette.

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