Marcona Almonds Praliné Cake


Created by
  • Ramon Morató - Global Creative Innovation Leader for the Cacao Barry® brand

Marcona Almonds praliné cake mixture

Ingredients Preparation
  • 100g
    invert sugar

Place in the mixer

  • 660g
    whole egg(s)

Gradually incorporate

  • 14g
  • 324g
    sunflower oil


  • 440g
  • 22g
    baking powder

Then, add

Pour about 500 g of the mixture into the tins.
Cook in the oven covered with baking sheets at about 170ºC (1).

Coffee crumble

Ingredients Preparation
  • 320g

Cut into cubes and set aside in the fridge

  • 400g
    demerara sugar
  • 360g
    A.P. flour
  • 40g
    ground coffee
  • 30g
    instant coffee
  • 12g
    Maldon salt

Place in the mixer

Add the butter and work.
Mix until you obtain a pastry dough.
Cook at 160ºC (1) and set aside.

Cripsy coffee crumble base

Ingredients Preparation
  • 255g
    Cara Nougatine™

Heat to 30°C

  • 20g
    Deodorized Cocoa Butter
  • 40g
    dry butter

Incorpoate at around 50ºC


Cool the mixture at around 23ºC.
Place 520 g of the coffee crumble into the base of 0.5 cm frame.

  • 1Q.S.
    powdered orange
  • Q.S.
    Whole caramalized almonds origine Marcona
  • 1Q.S.
    Zéphyr™ Caramel

Zéphyr™ Caramel glaze

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1500g
    Zéphyr™ Caramel
  • 750g
    Deodorized Cocoa Butter
  • 300g
    dry butter



Put the preserved orange through a mincing machine or food processor at low speed. If the orange paste is very thick, you can incorporate a little syrup to make it softer.
Spread it over the base of the cakes and place them on the crispy coffee crumble base straightaway. 
Once the crispy crumble base has hardened, cut it to the size on the cake.
Finally glaze each cake twice with the special Zéphyr™ Caramel glaze warmed to 23°C.
Decorate to taste and set aside.

(1) Cooking temperatures are subject to ovens brand and type.

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