Enea Or Noir Truffle


Created by
  • Vincent Vallée - French finalist and winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2015, works at Pâtisserie Bamas in Anglet

Ganache Enea Or Noir Barry

ingredients preparation
  • 65g
    Cacao Barry® Or Noir™ dark chocolate Enea 69% cocoa
  • 15g
    glucose syrup DE 40
  • 4g
    sorbitol powder
  • 75g
  • 10g
    low water content butter

Boil together cream, sorbitol and glucose, and leave to cool to 70°C.
Pour onto chocolate and emulsify without incorporating air bubbles.
Melt butter at 35°C and mix in.
Pipe ganache at 34°C into truffle shells.

Or Noir Moulding Couverture For Truffle Shell

ingredients preparation
  • 500g
    Cacao Barry® Or Noir™ dark chocolate Enea 69% cocoa
  • 25g

Melt together chocolate and cocoa butter, and heat up to 50°C.
Leave to cool to 31°C, pour into hemispherical polycarbonate moulds and turn upside down to remove excess chocolate.
Leave to crystallise at 16°C for two hours.

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