Hazelnut spread

How to create a perfect, homemade hazelnut spread? Here's a great recipe that will yield a lovely intense and fresh hazelnut taste in the first place - lightly roasted and with plenty of fruity hints - complemented with cocoa or chocolate flavours. What's more: this recipe has a lovely, tempered sweetness since it uses Callebaut's hazelnut paste, praline, and Finest Belgian Chocolate. The mix of chocolate with a thick fluidity 💧💧 and the hazelnut paste guarantees a perfectly spreadable end result. Shelf life is around 6 months when kept in optimal storage conditions: 16°C and away from light.


Created by
  • Callebaut® CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Belgium -

Hazelnut spread

Ingredients Preparation
  • 277g

Melt at 35°C.

  • 192g
  • 385g
  • 192g
    butter oil PF28

Add, emulsify and bring to 23°C. Pour into a container and leave to cool at 16°C immediately. Place a lid on the container after crystallisation.

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