Dragees "Sea"

This is the fourth of Callebaut chef Josep Maria Ribé’s quadrumvirate of dragées that make up his Natural Sensing chocolate box, with which he intends to reconnect people with nature by creating chocolate experiences that appeal to all five senses. This intense chocolate dragée solely contains ingredients that remind the chef of the sea.


Created by
  • Josep Maria Ribé - Callebaut® chef - CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ centre Spain

Marine phytoplankton and salt mix

Ingredients Preparation
  • 3000g
  • 350g
    marine phytoplankton
  • 8g
    sea salt

Mix and temper.

Pre-crystallise 3.000 g Velvet white chocolate and mix with the phytoplankton and the salt. Dose drops of 3/4 g of the previous mixture in half sphere truffle moulds and leave to crystallise completely. Unmould and set aside.

First paint the walls of the pan with some tempered Velvet chocolate, so the chocolate drops do not slide during panning. Turn on drying air to 40°C inside the pan. Add all the chocolate drops into the pan and alternate cold and hot air until all the drops are rounded and uniform.

  • 2500g

Gradually start to add the non-tempered white chocolate, with the cold air at approximately 8°C. Take care as the dragées can easily stick to one another. Continue building up the dragées with 2.500 g of uncrystallised Velvet white chocolate until finished. Once the phytoplankton dragées are finished, make sure they are all uniform and that the Velvet white chocolate is perfectly crystallised.


Ingredients Preparation
  • 40-50g
    alcohol based shellac
  • 8-10g
    silver powder

With the pan in operation and air set to 8°C, apply part of the shellac. Remove the air from the pan. Before the shellac dries completely, add the silver dust and continue to pan. Ensure the dust is uniformly distributed. Add the remaining shellac and pan enough for it to evaporate with the air inside the pan.

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